Day 7: Steady Day at school

15 Aug

Saturday, 10/August/2013

Today i woke up early so I arrived at school earlier than my lesson actually started. I met Sarah and Martha and we went to the schoolyard and played kicker together with another italian guy and a spanish guy.  In the afternoon I had Spin Classes and we talked about Criminals and Crimes. We talked a lot and practiced writing and also reading out loud. Really helpful.

For dinner I had rice with a mild curry at a restaurant located in the street “The Cut”. Together with a friend.  :D

I had a long school day today. That’s why I didn’t take a lot of pictures. But here’s a picture of the EF school. It’s really beautiful. Inside it’s modern and I enjoy being there everytime. It just has the perfect kind of flair.


And if you’re wondering why I have school on Saturday: In the summer there are a lot of people attending EF Londo school and this results in some people having school from Monday to Friday and some others (like me) having school from Tuesday to Saturday. So don’t worry, you’ll still have a 2-day weekend. ;)

Goodnight everyone! Laila xx

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